How was ED treated before the pills?

Dr. John Romulus Brinkley was famous in the early 20th century thanks to his amazing and miraculous impotency cure which consisted of sewing goat testicles right into the scrotum of a man. It was more of a sterilization than a cure, but he gained a lot of fame anyway and was one of the most searched for doctors in America. He charged 750 dollars for an operation. Ancient times were the times of eating weird stuff to cure impotency. Pliny the Elder said that the only way to cure impotency was to chew leeks and garlic and drinking boiled asparagus and Aristotle was making mixture out of Spanish flies and mixing it into the drinks. In the late mediaval ages the top cure was drinking fresh cold water dropping out of mouth of a horse.

Could it get any weirder?

The hunt for a cure to eliminate weak erection and other ED syndromes was more or less not productive at all although there has been a new way how to cure impotency almost every year. Roasting a wolf’s penis, eating starfishes were one of the better variants. Radium cure and burning irons were the extreme ones. The most pleasant was handjob treatment in the early medieval ages.

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